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Help us grow a families tree

Whatever your reason for giving and however you choose to make your donation, we are grateful for your support.

Each Families & Criminal Justice project has a Family Tree. Every family that participates in our services can add a new branch with a family picture to their project's tree. The more people Families & Criminal Justice serves, the bigger our trees get. 

Your gift can help us grow our Families Trees. There are three ways to donate to Families & Criminal Justice:

Donate Online

Families & Criminal Justice is pleased to accept donations through the Network for Good. When you click on the blue button, you will be directed to the Donations page of the website of Special Service for Groups [SSG], the fiscal sponsor of Families & Criminal Justice. You will be asked to designate a program for your gift; please select Families & Criminal Justice from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the donation form. 

Donate by Mail

You can send your donation to Families & Criminal Justice at our mailing address:

​Families & Criminal Justice

​Box 50-683

Los Angeles, CA 90050

Families & Criminal Justice operates under the fiscal sponsorship of Special Service for Groups, so please make your check or money order payable to "Special Service for Groups/Families & Criminal Justice". 

Make an In-Kind Donation

​Families & Criminal Justice and our participants can also benefit from donations of goods and services. Please Email Us for information about how to make an in-kind donation.

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