Volunteer Opportunities

Families & Criminal Justice has volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups.  All volunteers who will have contact with project participants must complete a Volunteer Screening application and a LiveScan.  Individuals with a history of criminal justice system involvement must not have been incarcerated within the last five years.  


Families & Criminal Justice would be very grateful for the on-going assistance of technical experts, like IT or media specialists who can help us with communications. 

We also need trained, experienced childcare workers for half-day family events every month.  

Families & Criminal Justice has a great and on-going need for legal assistance.  We are seeking legal experts to become part of our team, helping us to understand the complex criminal, juvenile and family law issues that arise in our work.  We are also looking for experienced family and juvenile law practitioners to provide pro bono assistance to one family each year.

Licensed infant mental health, mental health and social workers are needed to provide pro bono therapeutic services for one child each year.

Families & Criminal Justice is also seeking the assistance of financial experts like bankers, accountants and educators to make presentations on family finances to participants in our services.  We can also use the help of consumer advocates for this purpose.


We especially welcome volunteer performances by entertainers, including skilled and experienced actors, comedians, singers and musicians. 


School groups, social clubs, and the congregations of churches, mosques, synagogues and temples can volunteer for Families & Criminal Justice.  Groups can host and provide hospitality for participant events; they can also conduct fundraisers or do community outreach for our program.  We also welcome volunteer performances by groups of entertainers.


Individuals and groups interested in volunteering for Families & Criminal Justice should Email Us.  Provide a statement of your interests and availability in your email.  Individuals should attach a resume and groups should provide a link to their website.





Thank you for your interest in Families & Criminal Justice!
Alt rock band KITTEN volunteers for Families & Criminal Justice